24 Feb 2011

Under the weather

I'm sick at the moment and I haven't been really sick for about a year. Now when it attacked it make me feel so horrible overall... you know with stuffy nose, blocked ears and I hardly have a voice! I hate being sick but at least I don't have to go to work today.

P.S: I should have had installed to my body a powerful Antivirus. Sigh!

12 Feb 2011

Spread the love!

source: www.glasbergen.com

Have a great weekend!

7 Feb 2011

That 7 things (again)

Tagged by dearest friend, Bean: Seven things you still don't know about me

1. I never like wearing high heels. Crabs walk better than myself walking in high heel!
2. I'm easily touched (usually with teary eyes) when watching performances where standing ovation occurred.
3. I always find tap dancing is fun. I wanna learn how to tap dance someday.
4. I at least bought a new pair of footwear each month. Some for immediate use and I keep some for future use.
5. I have more black shirts than any other colors. (Actually, I just noticed this.)
6. I've problem in deciding things even for minor things. Normally I asked others to decide for me.
7. I'm hot to touch! (Seriously!) I've unusual body temperature. Some people thought I'm having a fever but I'm not. (Hey, does this mean I'm a devil???)

P.S: Thanks for the award too, Diapy-Beany!

2 Feb 2011

Turn left, turn right, and I'm in the middle!

This is a risky entry.

Location: Taste of Asia, LCCT, Malaysia.
The restaurant was full when we arrived but I managed to grab a table while hubby was lining up to order lunch. While waiting suddenly an old man came up to me with a tray of his food. I didn't understand what he was saying but he began to sit in front of me and started eating. Speechless, I looked at him, looked around checking if I was being punk'ed or something. None. Then I decided to take a picture of him...

I figured he must be really hungry or he will miss his flight. Tsk tsk tsk!
Poor old man.

I kept waiting for hubby, once in a while I turned to my left looking at the innocent old man eating and as I turned to my right...
I took a shot of somebody's butt!

1 Feb 2011

When in KL: Batu Caves

This is Batu Caves! A good friend; Ning Li mentioned this place to me before my trip.
Thanks Ning Li! ;)

Batu Caves is a temple complex for Hindu worshipers and also a popular tourist attraction site. The temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan.

This is Lord Murugan. This 42.7m statue is known to be the tallest Lord Murugan statue in the world. That's totally a WOW!

The temple complex consists of 3 main caves and the largest one known as the Temple Cave is way up there!

You have to climb a steep flight of 272 steps in order to reach the Temple Cave. It was raining again when we arrived in Batu Caves that Sunday morning and climbing the stairs during a wet day wasn't easy...

This is the highest I could climb. I think that's about 100 steps or less. I didn't continue further as I was already feeling dizzy plus I'm so afraid of heights. I really don't wanna end up making a world history of rolling over the stairs to the ground. Lol! But overall, it's one heck of an experience I should never forget. :)

Nooo...this isn't a statue! I found this monkey searching for food nearby the ground shrine while I was filming the place. I wanted to get much closer to him for a better shot but he was showing his teeth when some visitors tried to get nearer. I also don't wanna end up being attacked by a temple monkey, so it's better safe than sorry :)