22 Dec 2011


To all my friends celebrating the Christmas,
wishing all of you having a great Christmas! :)

18 Dec 2011


7 random 'That awkward moment...'

#1. That awkward moment when someone fatter than you gives you dieting advice.
#2. That awkward moment when the bathroom is silent except for the sound of your pee and you hope the person washing their hands isn't listening.
#3. That awkward moment when a GPS tells a gay to go straight.
#4. That awkward moment when you're reading someone's shirt and it looks like you're staring at their boobs.
#5. That awkward moment when a little kid stares at you like you have done something wrong.
#6. That awkward moment when you spell a word so wrong even Auto-correct cannot figure out what you meant.
#7. That awkward moment when your dentist keeps asking you questions while their hands are in your mouth.

...Been there, done that for #2!
Woot, woot!

source: statusbook.net

17 Dec 2011

Westlife: Uptown Girl

I'm never bored listening to this old song :)

16 Dec 2011

Gasp! :O

Sometimes self expression can be shocking. LOL!
Have a good Friday!

source: englishfailblog.com

14 Dec 2011

One for all and all for one! ; The cow, the pig and the chick

Meet Steezy, Moochew and Haden. Another great puzzle game for everybody, also can be downloaded from the Android Market. But I don't know why they called it Piggy Adventure. I mean there's the cow and the chick. Hmm....
Anyway, have fun!

Not so Wordless Wednesday

13 Dec 2011

Two months and a week old

That wonderful moment when I saw his first true smile when he sees me around (although in this pic he's not really smiling as he has started watching the tv already!)

12 Dec 2011

Fly that plane

I recalled playing with paper boats and planes when I was young. Things changed...thanks to technology playing paper planes are now pretty fun.
Androiders (android device users) can find this free app in the android market. Give it a try, it's addictive!
Happy Monday!

10 Dec 2011

Getting crafty

The Angry birds enthusiasm saga:

While hubby is having a non fatal OCD of achieving 3 stars in each level of the Angry birds game series, I myself is trying to enhance my crafty skills on those birds (and few green pigs!)...

Such as making Angry Birds out of clay...

Although it does not look so neat I at least got them into shapes. Did this clay job (with the help of a colleague from work) while I was still in my first trimester pregnancy.
Now my son is 2 months old as we speak, I am moving on to paper crafting...

This is what I got so far; the black Angry Bird.

Next project to do: Making sock puppets of Angry Birds! *Squawk!*
Happy Weekend to all!

16 Nov 2011

Do not open


This is a fun & good book that you should read even the book title says otherwise. I tried reading this to my baby boy, he cried after few lines. I guess that's a sign he's not ready for school yet. hehe. In all, I myself enjoyed reading it without any tears :p

A month and a week old

His preferable way of sleeping :)

5 Nov 2011

Is this you?

Have a great weekend!

2 Nov 2011

Lil prince, Lil angel, Lil Didz

*Wide grin* I'm supposed to update this last month somehow my times are fully occupied. Now I'm introducing to the blogsphere my precious baby...Baby Wazif. Times really flies so fast that he's soon to be 1 month old. And myself...still learning how to be a great mommy... ;)

World...meet my angel.

P/s: Already planning to teach him the I.T world.

16 Sep 2011

Tik Tok Tik Tok...

Hello world! This month, I'm in my standby mode and of course...in a nervous state! I'm in my 34 weeks of pregnancy now and will deliver anytime soon...

Now, who's in a favor for a baby boy, say AYE! ... hmm, or a baby girl...
Will be sharing the good news next month. ;)

24 Jul 2011

...And then!

Hello! Ok I know, I know! It's been ages I haven't been updating my blog. I hope my blog is not haunted while I'm 'on-leave.' To all my dear friends in the blogging world, my big apologies for not updating my news lately. You're all lovely and caring, I'm thankful for that ;) Just so you know, I'm enjoying my pregnancy and I'm in my 6 months now. Everything is well.

Here's something I wanna share the laughter with you.
This never fails to make me laugh, still lovin` it.
And then...have a great weekend to all!

17 May 2011

Updates for May

I had my FIRST ultrasound few days ago and yeah that was my first time seeing Baby Didzlet too!

How's the feeling?
It's hard to describe... It just so amazing! Baby Didzlet is so beautiful!

Unfortunately, I did not have the soft copy of my ultrasound image (I wanted to post it here) and it is still too early to know the baby's gender.

Will have the second baby scan in June :)

23 Apr 2011

Time off

Helloooo! I know it's been a month I haven't blogged anything and I'm actually kind of having a blog leave. I don't know, must be the pregnancy thing that I'm having less interaction with the net lately. Just in case you're wondering what I'm up to while I'm not blogging or being clingy on the net - I spend most of my times playing Angry Birds! So addictive!

Here's something funny to share with you. Those who play Angry Birds would wish this never come true. lol! Happy Weekend to all, stay safe! ;)

17 Mar 2011

Blame the hormones!

I am now in my hormonal state and kind of overly grumpy even over small things. So how does one deal with a grumpy pregnant lady?

But I'm thankful I'm not getting to a point of killing somebody yet!

12 Mar 2011

I'm doing just fine

So I am almost passing my first trimester and my baby bump is not that obvious yet. (I'm still having a normal tummy shape). Ah, the morning sickness...

Morning sickness: Morning sickness refers to the nausea and vomiting that some women have when they become pregnant. Morning sickness is very common early in a pregnancy. It tends to go away later in pregnancy, and it's almost always gone by the second trimester (after 13 weeks, or during the fourth month).

Guess what?
I'm not experiencing the morning sickness. Not at all!
It's a bless!

But I often feel nauseated having to look at my boss face at work.
(Doesn't really matter if I'm pregnant or not!)
Happy Weekend to all!

2 Mar 2011


My apology for the lots of MIA.
Now I'm sharing the good news to everybody in the blogosphere that Little Didz is on its way. In case you didn't get that, means that I'm pregnant :)
So I guess in the next many months I'll be the err...the blogging mom.

P.S: Gotta be less hyper now

24 Feb 2011

Under the weather

I'm sick at the moment and I haven't been really sick for about a year. Now when it attacked it make me feel so horrible overall... you know with stuffy nose, blocked ears and I hardly have a voice! I hate being sick but at least I don't have to go to work today.

P.S: I should have had installed to my body a powerful Antivirus. Sigh!

12 Feb 2011

Spread the love!

source: www.glasbergen.com

Have a great weekend!

7 Feb 2011

That 7 things (again)

Tagged by dearest friend, Bean: Seven things you still don't know about me

1. I never like wearing high heels. Crabs walk better than myself walking in high heel!
2. I'm easily touched (usually with teary eyes) when watching performances where standing ovation occurred.
3. I always find tap dancing is fun. I wanna learn how to tap dance someday.
4. I at least bought a new pair of footwear each month. Some for immediate use and I keep some for future use.
5. I have more black shirts than any other colors. (Actually, I just noticed this.)
6. I've problem in deciding things even for minor things. Normally I asked others to decide for me.
7. I'm hot to touch! (Seriously!) I've unusual body temperature. Some people thought I'm having a fever but I'm not. (Hey, does this mean I'm a devil???)

P.S: Thanks for the award too, Diapy-Beany!

2 Feb 2011

Turn left, turn right, and I'm in the middle!

This is a risky entry.

Location: Taste of Asia, LCCT, Malaysia.
The restaurant was full when we arrived but I managed to grab a table while hubby was lining up to order lunch. While waiting suddenly an old man came up to me with a tray of his food. I didn't understand what he was saying but he began to sit in front of me and started eating. Speechless, I looked at him, looked around checking if I was being punk'ed or something. None. Then I decided to take a picture of him...

I figured he must be really hungry or he will miss his flight. Tsk tsk tsk!
Poor old man.

I kept waiting for hubby, once in a while I turned to my left looking at the innocent old man eating and as I turned to my right...
I took a shot of somebody's butt!

1 Feb 2011

When in KL: Batu Caves

This is Batu Caves! A good friend; Ning Li mentioned this place to me before my trip.
Thanks Ning Li! ;)

Batu Caves is a temple complex for Hindu worshipers and also a popular tourist attraction site. The temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan.

This is Lord Murugan. This 42.7m statue is known to be the tallest Lord Murugan statue in the world. That's totally a WOW!

The temple complex consists of 3 main caves and the largest one known as the Temple Cave is way up there!

You have to climb a steep flight of 272 steps in order to reach the Temple Cave. It was raining again when we arrived in Batu Caves that Sunday morning and climbing the stairs during a wet day wasn't easy...

This is the highest I could climb. I think that's about 100 steps or less. I didn't continue further as I was already feeling dizzy plus I'm so afraid of heights. I really don't wanna end up making a world history of rolling over the stairs to the ground. Lol! But overall, it's one heck of an experience I should never forget. :)

Nooo...this isn't a statue! I found this monkey searching for food nearby the ground shrine while I was filming the place. I wanted to get much closer to him for a better shot but he was showing his teeth when some visitors tried to get nearer. I also don't wanna end up being attacked by a temple monkey, so it's better safe than sorry :)

31 Jan 2011

When in KL : Little India

...and I'm back! I'm back from a short weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
This is my fourth time in KL so this time my hubby and I were concentrating to explore just around the city itself. We were staying around a place called the Little India, which is situated at Masjid India Street (One of the oldest streets in the city).

It was raining when we first arrived in the city and it continued to pour for the next couple of days making it quite difficult for us to walk around and my cameras were soaking wet. Thank god they're still working.

Little India is famous for its colorful textiles, clothing and accessories shopping. You can find most of the materials here to be of the cheapest and price is usually negotiable.

Of course finding textiles of a fine quality and cheap can make one go crazy! I managed to control myself in spending crazily over here.
(Err, I mean compare to my previous experience shopping in Little India.)
I still have plenty of interesting things to share with you when I'm in KL in my upcoming entries.

P.S: I've sore feet due to extreme walking. It surely is not a happy feet.