24 Jul 2011

...And then!

Hello! Ok I know, I know! It's been ages I haven't been updating my blog. I hope my blog is not haunted while I'm 'on-leave.' To all my dear friends in the blogging world, my big apologies for not updating my news lately. You're all lovely and caring, I'm thankful for that ;) Just so you know, I'm enjoying my pregnancy and I'm in my 6 months now. Everything is well.

Here's something I wanna share the laughter with you.
This never fails to make me laugh, still lovin` it.
And then...have a great weekend to all!


norh said...

Take care Didz :)

Dai Ning Li said...

I miss you Didz! I know that your little Didzy inside will bring extra joy in your life as a blogging wife.

Didz said...

Thank you, I will ;)

@Ning Li:
Aww...missing you too! *hugs* can't wait to welcome lil didzlet to the world! ;) and of course teach the baby how to blog, hehe.

gadisBunga said...

can't wait to read lil didzlet blog! hihi!!

Didz said...

GB!!!! Missing you! Have to wait about few months more until baby didz finished with blogging classes...hehehe