17 May 2011

Updates for May

I had my FIRST ultrasound few days ago and yeah that was my first time seeing Baby Didzlet too!

How's the feeling?
It's hard to describe... It just so amazing! Baby Didzlet is so beautiful!

Unfortunately, I did not have the soft copy of my ultrasound image (I wanted to post it here) and it is still too early to know the baby's gender.

Will have the second baby scan in June :)


gadisBunga said...

oh my...ada little someone in ur womb!! hihihi~

say hi to didzlet will ya? :D

norh said...

so sweet... :)


it is amazing hey! I still remember my first ultrasound with bubba all 25 years ago. The heartbeat sound is amazing too :) makes it real .

iantie said...

you didn't ask for the soft copy? or at least a print out??

beanizer_05 said...


i wonder..is he playing on lappy or psp???..i wish it's a he so he can defend his mommy..yey!!

can you make didzlet a him???..a bday gift for me? you know my bday is coming..and oh yeah, next to you..so that's my bday wish, didzlet a boy!!! PLEEEEEEASE??? *puppy eyes*

Sie said...

Hello Didi :)-yehey that's good baby didzlet is healthy.Always be careful and stay healthy too..missing you..mwahhhhhhhh..

Didz said...

Ok, dah say HI tapi tunggulah baby dah keluar nanti dia balas HI GB tu ye..hehe

Didz said...

Thank you :) kamu pun sweet jugak!

Didz said...

Bubba? Your son? All grown up now!
Yea, the rapid heartbeat sound is just great to hear :)

Didz said...

I did, but I got lame & typical excuse, they said they're running out of printer papers. Sigh!

Didz said...

Neither! Those gadgets are of my times. The baby is on iPAD now :P
I don't mind if it's gonna be a baby girl or baby boy, as long baby didzlet is healthy. That's all matters. You still have to accept if the baby is a girl anyway :P

Didz said...

Hey! Thanks for the advice. I'm trying my best to keep the baby healthy. Missing you too! xoxo! ;)

beanizer_05 said...

can't you do something about it? i know it's a boy..a boy.. a boy...on iPAD? ok..a boy alright..
a healthy baby boy! my power says so!

Marla the big tourist said...

This if my first time coming here. Congratulations on your baby!

Didz said...

Hi Marla! welcome!
Thanks for stopping by, feel free to drop by here anytime ok :)

Princess Zezebel Lair said...


Hehehe, seronok ke rasa?
Teringat last month betapa excitednya my hubby time tunggu result pregnancy test...Tapi so sad coz dapat 1 line je. Tak sabar la Didzy..huhuhu

Princess Zezebel Lair said...

Salam Didzy..
How are you my dear friend?
Hopefully sihat, gitu juga dengan baby tu, :)

Sie said...

if you have time Didi you can go to my site and receive your awards..but I know baby didzlet is coming out soon..just passing by to tell you mwahhhhh :)