28 Dec 2009


I'm back home now from my very long holidays abroad. I had a heck of fun through out the long trip but seriously...I'm just so drop dead tired.

I haven't had enough time to rest since I got home that I'm so tied up with my family end of year activities. Yes I do have a choice not to get involve but family is always a priority for me.

I haven't fully unpacked my stuff yet, my room is still in the state of major mess, my whole body is aching, and my brain is kinda slow to catch things up - It's gonna take me a while to update this blog daily.

Sooner or later, I'll try to post some photos from Hongkong, China and Malaysia here. Thanks to everybody that still have times to drop by here while I'm gone. It is much appreciated ;) God bless all!

I'm pretty sure I'll be back being hyper again. Hehe.

10 Dec 2009

::I'm home...::

But I'll be gone again this weekend.

Here's the thing now. I'm back, I unpacked from Hongkong and China, and I'm packing again for Malaysia.

My Hongkong and China trip was really GREAT! I really had good times spending on shopping crazily over there. I won't be posting my journey and some pictures while I was in both countries not until I'm settled with my trip to Malaysia, and that's gonna be by the end of the month.

I'm catching cold at the moment but hopefully I will recover soon before my next flight this Sunday.

So I'll be gone again for a while. You guys better be good and stay nice here. Hehe. Take care everybody!

3 Dec 2009

::Take care now::

This will be my last post before I'm leaving for my vacation tomorrow...

Nothing much to say really, just be good and nice to my blog. :) Hehe.

I'm also leaving my fish to my bff, I let her have an extra chores at home. Can't wait to hear what's her story with my not so hyper fish. Hehe.

So long everybody, to my wonderful readers and viewers and friends in the blogging world. I'm just gonna be gone for a while. Be back on Christmas day. Bye everyone! Have a nice day! :)


I was pretty happy with the outcome of my bowling game the other night. Actually I kinda thought I've lost my touch and didn't expect that I did some few strikes on the game. Weee! :) Just my luck!

Everything was there - few strikes, few splits, few spares, few times went out of the alley but I'm glad that I didn't throw the ball to the back instead just like one of my aunts accidentally did. Hehe.

I managed to score 105 points that night. Not bad for someone who has been so many years not playing the game and without any warm up or a quick practice that night.

2 Dec 2009

::One more day::

My busy adventures begin soon...

I just have to go through one more day and that's tomorrow, it's my last day at work then I'm FREEEEE! Yay!

It's not that I'm retiring from work (too young for that) or resigning (too stupid for that). I'll be on leave. The leave that I'm longing to have.

The next day after tomorrow, I'll be in Hong Kong and then be in China and later be in Malaysia. Sounds like a tour gig or something huh? Hehe.

Despite my excitement (that gives me super goosebumps and peeing a lot than usual), Honestly, I'm kinda tired. The last thing I wanna do is to double check my checklist before my flights but as for now, I just wanna have a good night sleep.

Good night everyone

1 Dec 2009

::Something for December::

How Santa is red

::I got times::

Finally December is here. One thing I like about December is that it's a school holiday and you know what that means - No hassle, no traffic jams, driving here and there will be a smooth ride.

I used to get up as early as 5am. Now I'm not worrying about being grumpy and caught myself in a traffic jam. There's no such thing as that when it's December. Hehehe.

I'm taking my own sweet time blogging now, just to kill the time as it is still early. I'm always the first one to arrive at work and yesterday I've planned to be late. I was glad I was late - So I think!
When I arrived to work, Oh my! I was the first person to come again! Haha!
Yup, just like my BFF said, I suck in time management.

Regardless of that, I got times now. That's what really matters. Yay me! Hehe.

::Ninja Assasin::

I watched this movie last night with my fiance. I'm just gonna say this:

It's really a cool movie, with many great actions and the hero, the hottest and cute Korean star - Rain. Ulalala! That abs! Sooo Sexxxxyyyy!!!!

Personally, I think this is one of the great movies this year. You'll see lots and lots of bloody actions in this movie. When I say bloody - Yes, those bloody body hitting, slashing, stuff like that.

I'm thinking to go and watch this movie again with my BFF, that way we can wow on and talk about those sexy abs that Rain has. Hehe. Well, I can't talk much about the abs to my fiance, it's gonna make him insecure in a way. Haha!

I don't know much about Rain, I know he's a hotty korean singer but he sure is one cute guy.