1 Dec 2009

::I got times::

Finally December is here. One thing I like about December is that it's a school holiday and you know what that means - No hassle, no traffic jams, driving here and there will be a smooth ride.

I used to get up as early as 5am. Now I'm not worrying about being grumpy and caught myself in a traffic jam. There's no such thing as that when it's December. Hehehe.

I'm taking my own sweet time blogging now, just to kill the time as it is still early. I'm always the first one to arrive at work and yesterday I've planned to be late. I was glad I was late - So I think!
When I arrived to work, Oh my! I was the first person to come again! Haha!
Yup, just like my BFF said, I suck in time management.

Regardless of that, I got times now. That's what really matters. Yay me! Hehe.

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