1 Dec 2009

::Ninja Assasin::

I watched this movie last night with my fiance. I'm just gonna say this:

It's really a cool movie, with many great actions and the hero, the hottest and cute Korean star - Rain. Ulalala! That abs! Sooo Sexxxxyyyy!!!!

Personally, I think this is one of the great movies this year. You'll see lots and lots of bloody actions in this movie. When I say bloody - Yes, those bloody body hitting, slashing, stuff like that.

I'm thinking to go and watch this movie again with my BFF, that way we can wow on and talk about those sexy abs that Rain has. Hehe. Well, I can't talk much about the abs to my fiance, it's gonna make him insecure in a way. Haha!

I don't know much about Rain, I know he's a hotty korean singer but he sure is one cute guy.

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