29 Oct 2010

Mommy...I want this!

(Could not decide which to have first; the iPhone 4 or iPottie)
*Scratching head*

Imaginary friend

Do you have imaginary friend(s)?
wikihow.com will show you how! lol! Yes, I'm serious.
Click here! to read.

(Don't have any imaginary friends but I have great imaginations)

26 Oct 2010

Time to grow

To increase the population of my pet cats, I'm starting to plant one :)

Ms. Wyt: I've such a crazy owner!

(May you blossom into many litters and kittens. I'm glad I've a green thumb)

Beautiful Tuesday: Relax!

I'm having a day off from work today :)

Just gonna spend the day relaxing, trying to be lazy once in a while is good for a jolly-hyper person like me. ^^

It wasn't me!

I found this on the front page of a local newspaper yesterday:

Hamster delays Oz-bound RBA plane: Report

A Brisbane-bound plane from the UK was delayed in Brunei yesterday after a stowaway hamster was found on-board, Australia's Herald Sun reported.

The high-flying rodent was seen running around the cabin by flight crew and caused the Royal Brunei Airlines flight to be evacuated while airline staff searched for it, the paper quoted Courier-Mail as reporting. The plane was also fumigated.

Everybody that knows me around was asking me if that could have been Lucy. Two reasons for that:

#1. My sister is working in the aviation industry, maybe Lucy followed her to work.

#2. Lucy is so tempted to join that international crime-busting organization (G-Force).

Lucy: It wasn't me!

(Hm, I don't think I made a press statement on the national news about Lucy disappearance. *thinking hard*)


*Still thinking*

24 Oct 2010

My Confession no.2

Dear Monday,

I feel sorry for you that many people hates you, finds you a total drag and I'm one of those people. --- Sorry!

23 Oct 2010

All my life

Blast from the past, 12 years ago to be exact... Still loving this song anyway.

K-Ci & Jojo: All my life

(Reminds me of BFF's beloved rabbits; KC & Jojo - R.I.P.)

His story

In just less than a month, I'll be officially known as Mrs. Y :) I hardly talk about my fiance so today I'm gonna share a little fun fact about him.

He always find history a fascinating subject. Besides from spending times with me, he'd spend times following the Discovery Channel, the National Geographic and obviously the History Channel. He won't miss sharing me some history stories - world or local, and amazingly I never grew bored listening to his stories (Err...so far.) Yup, I'm gonna be married to a great historian. Hehehe.

Now here's my thoughts that most likely to happen when we finally get married. Our honeymoon - it's gonna be visiting to some museums. :O I'm hoping on the wedding night he's not gonna tell me the history of ...(You get what I mean). That can wait. Write me a book, I'll read it. ;)

(Love is a many splendid thing)

21 Oct 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

to my best BFF in the world! Iantie

Just a simple greeting for you :)
(P/S: No more birthday greetings drama m8, I think u had enough. Hehe)


by: Silent Sanctuary

One of my favorite love songs

My Random curiosity no.6

I just want to know what's your reaction to this post :)

19 Oct 2010

Beautiful Tuesday: Making you smile : )

Here's the 7 fun facts about smiling that I'd like to share with you:

#1. It takes 5 to 53 facial muscles to smile grin and 62 muscles to frown sad

#2. Smiling releases endorphins thumbs-up-1 thus making you feel better and relieve stress argh

#3. Smile is the most recognizable facial expression hi

#4. It's a universal sign of happiness roll

#5. Women girl-1 smile more than men boy

#6. Smiles are more attractive than makeup makeup

#7. It boost your immune system. The body is relaxed when you smile, which contributes to good health and stronger immune system thumbs-up

Don't forget to smile!

(Note to self: Hm, gotta learn how to create a SINCERE smile to the boss.)

17 Oct 2010

Finding Lucy

I lost my pet, Lucy! :( It's been like 5 days now she's been missing. I managed to caught her once when she escaped, she was roaming around in my sister's room next door. So I put her back in the cage and the next morning, she's gone. Yup, she has outsmarted me.

I'm not sure if she's still alive and there's no sign of her anywhere in the house. Hm, I should have had planted a GPRS tracking device chip to her you know. Now that she's gone, I'll be missing her so much.
Ok Didz, think positive. Maybe she's joining the G-Force team.

(Note to self: Get some GPRS tracking devices for my other pets)

15 Oct 2010

I'm so not ready

for work! Tomorrow will be my last holiday after my 2 weeks of work leave. I'll resume work on Monday. Gahh! I used to be so anxious to go back to work after holidays but not this time. That's because I'm enjoying my holiday to the max this time :) and I want more! The other reason why I'm not really looking forward to go to work is honestly because...

The image above explains it.
Happy Weekend everyone! :)

12 Oct 2010

The Training

The BLS training I've attended last Monday...

I'd say it was more like a crash course and I haven't been doing it since...I'm not sure! :O
The course was for 12 straight freaking hours! The lecture was only for 1 hour while the rest of the 11 hours were occupied with demonstration and right away a written test and practical tests for 5 different BLS situations.

Honestly, it was something new for me and I haven't had lunch for the first time while on training. haha. Anyway, I found it funny at the first place how the BLS instructors were acting as if we were really in a real situation (Yeah, felt like I'm in a middle of a tv drama/soap opera). At the back of my mind was wondering "Should I act as a successful actress or a confident doctor for this?!" because knowing that I am already a clumsy and a panic-freak...I just don't wanna be myself!

Although I found it hard at the start on how to save choking infant, amazingly I passed all the exams! Yay me! Thanks to all the dummies for the drop dead exhausting but great day. Hehe. I can save life now :)

(P.S.My next thing to learn: How to take care of infant for dummies)

Being Beautiful :)

In response to fellow blogger Krislin. I'll start my beautiful Tuesday posting with this lovely video from the twins :)

Especially to all the ladies out there (and for any concerned guys!) haha!
Enjoy! ;)

10 Oct 2010

Today is...

Today is the 10.10.10! It's a nice date to get married and today is supposed be my wedding but I've postponed it to be next month ;). Anyway, talking about the no.10, here's one of my favorite videos...(and I'm posting it once again) ;)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Another duty call!

Sigh! Why everything has to happen while I'm on leave?! I'm still enjoying my leave at the mo (another week to go before I really come back to work). I'm asked to come to work tomorrow because I've to attend the BLS (Basic Life Support) training.
Well, it's for a good cause anyway.
Looking forward to save the dummy and to give my best passionate kisses! haha
Anyone wants to volunteer to be the dummy?

I want Enrique!
(P.S. He's better looking without the mole)

8 Oct 2010

My Random curiosity no.5

Ever wonder who or what is next to your blog? As usual, I can't help but keep on clicking the Next Blog button and found few interesting blogs :)
You'll never know what you gonna find out or learn next, go ahead, click that Next Blog>> button up there.

7 Oct 2010

Nasty bites!

I recently watched the Piranha 3D movie...

I gotta say it's one heck of a very nasty (& disgusting) movie.
It's gonna make you do lots and lots of Eeew-ing from the moment those piranhas started to attack.
But I like it :) just as thrilling as Final Destination movies.

My ratings: 8/10

5 Oct 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesday: The truth?

New read: Cathy's Book

Ah, just what I love to read...another journal-based story book. Yay!

Title: Cathy's Book
By: Sean Stewart & John Weisman

I haven't read it yet but I'm hoping it's gonna be a great book.
I checked out the website of this book here and wow it fascinates me! I'm talking more about the layout design and the interactive. It's just so cool! Feel free to peek her site anyway ;)
Have a nice day everyone!