26 Oct 2010

Beautiful Tuesday: Relax!

I'm having a day off from work today :)

Just gonna spend the day relaxing, trying to be lazy once in a while is good for a jolly-hyper person like me. ^^


beanizer_05 said...

wish i am on leave now too..that goofy is not a comp addict,,is he? *looking at goofy*

Didzy said...

bean, goofy is just a goof addict...*chuckles*

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Thanks for adding my button, dear.. But well, there wont be anymore Beautiful Tuesday cos well, there is hardly anyone joining except from a wonderful sister like you..
I am touched to know that you are around.. :)
I am on two weeks MC, dear.. Because I had a bad fall and now with a bad sprained ankle that hurts not only when I tried to walk but even when I am sitting down.. *Sob sob* About the beautiful Tuesday, I will still keep it but just that there will not be anymore linky to add on.. :) :) Thank you for linking all these while.. :) and let us both, just the both of us, continue to share what made us feel or think beautifully, okay? ;)

Didzy said...

@krislin: first of all, sorry to hear about your sprained ankle. U gotta have full rest dear as it's gonna take some times to heal. I pray you'll recover soon!

Ooh! No more linkies?! that's bad. But i guess it's ok, u tried your best and has worked hard on that. U can try again next time with different approach. I'm sure u have many great ideas as u go along blogging :)

No worries, i'll continue the thread & i'm here to support peer bloggers too. Get well soon *hugs*