19 Oct 2010

Beautiful Tuesday: Making you smile : )

Here's the 7 fun facts about smiling that I'd like to share with you:

#1. It takes 5 to 53 facial muscles to smile grin and 62 muscles to frown sad

#2. Smiling releases endorphins thumbs-up-1 thus making you feel better and relieve stress argh

#3. Smile is the most recognizable facial expression hi

#4. It's a universal sign of happiness roll

#5. Women girl-1 smile more than men boy

#6. Smiles are more attractive than makeup makeup

#7. It boost your immune system. The body is relaxed when you smile, which contributes to good health and stronger immune system thumbs-up

Don't forget to smile!

(Note to self: Hm, gotta learn how to create a SINCERE smile to the boss.)


Sparkling Mimi said...

And it doesn't cost a thing...:-)


Didzy said...

@Mimi: Yea, I agree! Thanks for sharing that great idea. U know, that should be the #1 highlight of the facts ;)

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

You are so right.. My dear, yes, now, whenever I am down and 'forgot' to smile, this post of yours will make me remember.. :)
I have put up your link in my Beautiful Tuesday #2 and I used your profile pic cos your sunshine smile goes so well with it.. :)
Thanks dear, for joining.. My meme looks kind of poor with so barely anyone participating.. It doesn't look anywhere near success.. Alright, but I am still smiling because of you.. Thanks dear.. :) Thanks!!! *Hug*

Didzy said...

@krislin: Shining smile? lol! I'm thinking I'm having a bunny smile. Anyway, your welcome and you should give it more times for the meme, this kinda thing will take times to success. Do the hard work first ;)

mariane santos said...

neat. i love to smile and laugh so it means i'm in a good position. lol :D

Didzy said...

@Mariane: Good for you! ;) U know, a person who smiles and laughs a lot is more pleasant and attractive too, so that explains u ^^

beanizer_05 said...

like this?? *wide grin*
when i smile while watching drama and horror movies, i tend to scare people with my smile..i wonder why..
when mommy scolds me and i smile, she thinks i'm not normal..
when i smile while reading my mails and some blogs, others will ask, it makes me wonder what's wrong with smiles..
when i sing "smile though your heart is aching..nanana"--others will call me cheezy..
when i smile a lot and laugh 'til i fart, others run away from me..
but still i smile *showing 2 front teeth*..ain't i cute?

Didzy said...

"when i smile while reading my mails and some blogs, others will ask, it makes me wonder what's wrong with smiles.."
I got that a lot too! actually, almost all the time, everyday! hehehe
well, u have LOTS of wonderful reason to smile anyway *wink wink*
I just heard the news from HER & I'm glad to know :D

beanizer_05 said...

hehehe..well yes..i got a reason to smile every day..like having a pretty crazy friend here..right? oh you're smiling!..

Didzy said...

Every day??? Ok, I believe that. Haha

Pretty? -- No.
Crazy? -- Oh yes!

beanizer_05 said...

Blurry? = yes!
pretty? = playing humble!
crazy? = ABSOLUTELY!!

CUTE??= that's bean actually!!

Didzy said...

Cute? - Ok I've to admit. It's u
Stinky? - Still you! :P

beanizer_05 said...

hey! that's my baby smell! *wiggling butt*..i'm not stinky..just get immune with it and you'll realize it's better than any air freshener! haha!..ok we got lots of smiles in this post..you look loco now!..and me too! *showing sad face*..look! i'm not smiling coz it's..it's not tuesday anymore..

i wonder why i get more talkative now..maybe because of that 1 small ice cyeam! hmp!

Nina C. said...

All of those smileys made me smile :0

Jill Wellington said...

These made me SMILE!!!

Didzy said...

@Jill: Glad it did!! :D