1 Oct 2010

You make me wanna....

TGIF! Today I went out to buy cakes for few beloved family members that just had their birthdays recently; my dearest mom, aunt and my fiance :) We gonna have a belated combo celebration tomorrow night. Yay! Later on this month, I'm gonna celebrate the birthday of someone that is really important in my life too - my bff :)

I always have a problem whenever I stepped into any bakery shops. I'm super tempted to see those yummylicious cakes and buns! Like this one:

Ok, he's not that cute but he's delicious! :D

I went to another bakery shop and bought this...the Oreo cheese cake!
This is truly my weakness because I love Oreo and I love cheese!

Oh my! Bakery shops are all wicked that you make me wanna buy all! Grr!


fatima- said...

so temptinggg =|

Didz-W said...

lol! told u! :P

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

yummmy o.o

beanizer_05 said...

That Hamtaro is cute..it looks like a bun monster..guess it will be much cuter if it stays inside my tummy..

oreo!! yummy!!

didz! when are you gonna buy me one?? or two?? you got a selfless heart right? buy me pyeeeeease *puppy eyes*

Didz-W said...

Bean: lol! I've a selfless heart?? wow! thank you! :P this poor lil boy..tsk2..hai naku! U come here and I'll buy for u!