26 Jun 2010

::Weekend Random::

Have a great weekend everyone!

22 Jun 2010

::Oh Narnia!::

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader official trailer. I'm soo looking forward to watch this movie. If Narnia really exist, it's a def I wanna go visit ;)
I love Narnia...

Map of Narnia

19 Jun 2010

::Oh! What a SWEET day!::

I didn't realize not until a while ago that I have lots of chocolates today...
I'm currently having 6 different brand of chocolate bars in my handbag alone.
Those are given to me :)

Just this morning, I bought some brownies, choc rolls and cupcakes...
Too much?
Yeah, I think so. Hehe...
Oh well, I can't help it but


16 Jun 2010

::Urgh!! Not again!::

I 'killed' another mouse again today...

13 Jun 2010

::7 things::

Recently it was my birthday...yup, like my BFF says it's just a number :) I was celebrating in rather minimal ways...I think..!

1. On the eve of my birthday, I was actually working on my work designs...

2. Going all mushy & touched with birthday greeting texts, messages, calls, mails, hugs and kisses from family and friends...
(especially this personal greeting from my BFF.)

3. Having 3 days in a row of dining out with my fiance...
4. Watched When in Rome...

5. Treating myself driving this baby...

6. Having a fun day out with my BFF...

7. Lodged a report on faulty toilet flush to the maintenance department (when at work)...


8 Jun 2010

::Duty Call::

I'm on leave at the mo and hey, I was asked to come to work...
I don't think I really have very logic excuses for not coming.


Maybe it's a good thing...
At least I'm not gonna be bored to death while on leave.

5 Jun 2010

2 Jun 2010

::Break it if you can::

One of my colleagues came up with a curiosity again today. (..and btw, she's not a Geminian.) She was walking around with an egg in her hand and came up to me and the others. She's gonna give a $100 to anyone managed to crush the egg with just one hand. $100?! Seriously?!

Put the egg in your palm and try to squeeze with mighty force. It's impossible. My colleagues were trying their lucks though. :O I didn't participate. I was more interested with the theory as I'm labeled as the Googler at work. Hehee..

Here's the best answer that I found:
Because if you apply equal force to two ends of an egg it wont crack. It is physically impossible.

However...(another extended answer):
It will break when you overload pressure at one side instead of both.

Hmm...I better try my luck and claim that $100. *Hoping the bet is still on* Hehe.

I'm off to practice now.

1 Jun 2010

::Introducing - my country::

One of the magnificent wonders of my country :)

The main lobby is located at the 5th floor of the Atrium that is furnished with gold.
Yes, that's right, Gold!

The Atrium soars 53.22 metres into the sky with large supporting columns that are covered in 21K gold plated details and encrusted with tiger-eye stones, lapis lazuli and malachite. Everything shouts European luxury in the lobby, from the Swarovski chandeliers to the mosaic (Italian) marble floors to the elegant furniture imported from France and Italy.

You can view more of the Empire Hotel photos in my photoblog

Next time I'll be introducing another amazing building found in the country that is also made of gold. ;)