21 Nov 2010

Having a break

Dear all,

I'll be having break from blogging for a while to give ways for my big day. Will be back to begin a new chapter as a blogging wife :)

(Don't miss me too much! :))

19 Nov 2010


to my wedding day :)

Chasing pink

I was on my way home after sending my BFF when I saw a pink Lexus sport car just few meters ahead. It's not everyday you get to see a pink car especially a Lexus here in my country. Then I noticed it was a guy driving it! So I chased him! :)

The image above is the closest I could get because I think he noticed me taking few snaps. In my country, it's quite unacceptable for guys to have or drive super pink cars. There's only two explanation for that:
#1. He's gay.
#2. He's driving his gf/wife's car.

To the guy driving the pink Lexus I saw today:
You're the man! Way to go! Woot woot!

18 Nov 2010

*Gasp!* You shaved your head?!

Today I was shockrised (shocked + surprised) to discover that my female colleague has shaved her head (almost completely bald!) Here are our reactions to that:

Female Friend 1: "Are you broken-hearted?!"
Female Friend 2: "Ah, you really meant what you said about shaving your head!"
Male Friend 2: "Are you going to prison?... "Are you joining the army?"
Male Friend 3: "I'm not happy to see your head. My hair is longer than yours."
Me: .......?????!!!......(Speechless, as usual.)

Then she explained it was a desperate act because she has a serious scalp & dandruff problems. I salute her for the effort :) and remain cool about it.

(It's my first time having a baldy female friend :))

16 Nov 2010

This is not a homework

This is a math pop quiz clock I found offered by ThinkGeek from amazon.com

Perhaps a perfect gift for your math teacher?

(I hate math. I hate math. I hate math)

14 Nov 2010

True or False?

Most people today just can't live without it.

True in my case. My personal best are Googles and YouTube.

(Googles make me a genius...almost!)


13 Nov 2010

12 Nov 2010

What cats do when it's raining outside

1. Enjoying the rain

2. Drawing face on the window

3. Napping & cuddling

4. Playing stupid

5. Watching tv

6. Daydreaming

7. Browsing the net

8. Strangely stares at you while reading this post.

Lookin' good!

Recently I just noticed the new look of the bloggers.com site. It's been a year now I'm joining the site and I'm amazed with the new improvements.
For those of you who never heard of this site: It's a great site to discover other bloggers world wide and what they're blogging about.
Personally, I'm so glad to discover the site and be part of its community that I get to know many great blogger friends all around the world and of course making more & more friends :)

Let your blog be discovered, let yourself be inspired by others.

P.S: Find me there ;)

11 Nov 2010

Go ahead, park that Lexus!

This vid made my day and it happened in my country. Can't help but laugh as the Chinese guy was so pissed off with the lady who keep on trying to park her Lexus.

(Glad I only have 2 cute cars that are easy to park)

10 Nov 2010

VW Beetle Restaurant

Only in Europe.
This is a restaurant and bar that looks like the Volkswagen Beetle located in north of Salzburg, Austria.

Hm, I wonder how the menus going to be like.

(I'm going to open up a mini bar inside my beetle too)

9 Nov 2010

Wish me luck!

(I couldn't find a red underwear to wear outside the trouser)

No Boss!

I'm so happy (actually I'm way over too excited) to tell you that I am currently
Joyful, joyful week ahead!

(Will be having a stress-free work environment for a week. So thankful.)

7 Nov 2010

Welcoming Monday

I'll be having a long Monday tomorrow. Sigh!
Here's a classic from The Bangles - Manic Monday

(Wishing all of you having a great Monday! Well...I'm trying.)

6 Nov 2010

You're lovely. Yes, you are!

Yay! I received another blog award!

Thanks to my annoying and not cute & adorable fellow blogger & W.K. Bean for giving this award! hehe

The rules:

1. Accept the award

2. Post in on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

3. Pass the award to 15 other blogs (in my case, I'd prefer 7 blogs) that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Now I'm passing on this lovely award to:

You deserved the award and keep on blogging because I never grew bored reading them :)
Wow, I just noticed..all girls! Girl power! lol!

(Always here to support fellow bloggers)

5 Nov 2010

High Heels

A good friend of mine came up to me with an interesting offer yesterday. He was going to find out what is the most suitable high heel shoes for me to wear. Eager to know so I told him to go ahead, fascinate me...

Here's what he said:

Q = ----------------------------------

and here's how I reacted:
*blink*......... *blink*.........*blink*

Seriously, scientists actually have the formula to calculate the suitable high heels for you.
You can find out the details of the equation here.

P.S: My friend worked out the equation for me and I got my answer :)
Interesting but I still hate Math!


Ah, forget about those painstaking workloads, it's time to take my own sweet times relaxing.
Happy Friday everyone!

4 Nov 2010


Is it just me or this song is addictive?


(I'm never too old to love Mickey Mouse)

2 Nov 2010

I survived Tuesday!

With my wedding is just few weeks away, (which I'm so already stressed up with the preparations) things at work are not really helping me much to reduce the stress level...

From a fully committed Lab Analyst I'm also turned into a Personal Assistant and this week I'm promoted as the non-certified Accountant!
...Great!!! *sarcastic*

(Born to be Superhuman)

1 Nov 2010

My Random curiosity no.7

Is there such thing as Boss Repellent Spray?
(I'm SO needing it right now and wanna buy it in bulk!)

P.S. Sorry for the slow update on my blog as I'm very tied up with works at the mo :(