5 Nov 2010

High Heels

A good friend of mine came up to me with an interesting offer yesterday. He was going to find out what is the most suitable high heel shoes for me to wear. Eager to know so I told him to go ahead, fascinate me...

Here's what he said:

Q = ----------------------------------

and here's how I reacted:
*blink*......... *blink*.........*blink*

Seriously, scientists actually have the formula to calculate the suitable high heels for you.
You can find out the details of the equation here.

P.S: My friend worked out the equation for me and I got my answer :)
Interesting but I still hate Math!


sudhi said...

lolz the formula is pretty complicated !!!

Didzy said...

I know! That's why I asked him to do the math for me. Hahaha!

beanizer_05 said...

*blink blink*

can you ask your friend the equation of the diapy i should be wearing??

Sparkling Mimi said...

Way too much math and work for me...I prefer to just go shoe shopping. Much more fun!

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

lol xDD

Balqis said...

LOL Didz...that's really mind boggling! We're in the same boat. My mind's not into Maths and never scored high marks for it. I'm an arts person.

Hey..the high heels are awesome! :)
Would you try it on?

Didzy said...

lol!!! hm, ok! but u have to tell me what is the size of your butt first, that way he can calculate for you!

Don't ask me to guess, I'm not good with numbers! :P

Didzy said...

Haha, yea that's what I thought firsthand. Plus, It's not convenient to bring extra brains every time I go out to buy some shoes! lol!

Didzy said...

Phew! Yeay! I'm not alone hating math! haha! I'm not a math nor art person..I'm undefined. lol!

Oh that shoe is happened to be the most expensive shoe in the world because it is made of diamond.

It looks great but I don't think I want to try it on. I just want to have it, pull out those diamonds and buy something else. lol! *So ambitious*

beanizer_05 said...

but didz i can't measure it accurately..would you mind helping me? *holding butt* *blink blink*

gadisBunga said...

dat heels are pretty high. but pretty hot too!

go for it! ;)

Didzy said...

Hahahaha! :P hell no! Go look from the mirror & measure it urself or better yet..go make the trace of your butt on a big piece of paper & measure it from there :p:p

Didzy said...

Haha..kasut tu mmg cantik..tapi saya tak sanggup nak pakai pun..terlalu tinggi. Agak2, kasut tinggi mcm tu sesuai di pakai semasa nak menjolok buah rambutan je..hehehe..

Zezebel said...

Didz, mari kita buat lumba lari sambil pakai high heel, haha *mood mereng*

Didzy said...

Aduu tu satu perlumbaan yg boleh bawa maut tu... Hahaha. Kalau lumba lari sambil pegang high heel boleh la, bel...hehe :p