11 Nov 2010

Go ahead, park that Lexus!

This vid made my day and it happened in my country. Can't help but laugh as the Chinese guy was so pissed off with the lady who keep on trying to park her Lexus.

(Glad I only have 2 cute cars that are easy to park)


Angela's Blog said...

I love that video! Very funny!
And I am really likeing your blog!
hope all is well!
Take Care,

beanizer_05 said...

poor auntie, why didn't you helped her didzy?..
i was cracking although i didn't understand every word he said..

what does "tahi" mean?. ..he said it will get out..*thinking*..


Didzy said...

Thank you dear :D I'm so glad you're enjoying my messy blog. Hehe *Hugs*

Didzy said...

As if I was there when it happened..:P

hahaha! i knew u gonna ask that!
hai naku bean, you're the one wearing a diaper..i think u know what that is...:P

go ahead and check the Malay dictionary online for that. haha

iantie said...

I know where that was!! Haha!

Can't blame her though! That place even can get the most expert drivers scratching their heads to park in or park out of that area parking lots. Years of working there, let's just say that I got the experience.

BUT that area and that parking lot, nah, should be easy. Maybe she so scared that she scratched her Lexus! hehe

Didzy said...

haha..i never experienced to park there, never my luck that parking area is ever empty when I happened to be there.

Haha she's pissing off that guy is way much better than to scratch her Lexus.

P/S: Ey, i texted u earlier, u haven't found my text? Hmmph.!