12 Nov 2010

Lookin' good!

Recently I just noticed the new look of the bloggers.com site. It's been a year now I'm joining the site and I'm amazed with the new improvements.
For those of you who never heard of this site: It's a great site to discover other bloggers world wide and what they're blogging about.
Personally, I'm so glad to discover the site and be part of its community that I get to know many great blogger friends all around the world and of course making more & more friends :)

Let your blog be discovered, let yourself be inspired by others.

P.S: Find me there ;)


Balqis said...

I found you, you found me and we're here sharing good times on many things.

I came later than you...about 3 months here.

Left a comment out there. :)

gadisBunga said...

didzy, wow....brand new amazing look!

LiLing said...

I saw the change too! I was shocked to see the sudden change in just half an hour since I last entered that day.

It's true that Bloggers.com is a great place to meet new people (that's how I found you!) I've registered myself in some other websites and I find Bloggers.com to be one of the most user-friendly site - everything is there for me to click and they're pretty simple in arrangement for the buttons.

Happy Blogging Didz!

Didzy said...

@Balqis: you just joined for about 3 months and I'm super amazed you have made an astounding achievement there. Two thumbs up for you, Balqis. ;)

Didzy said...

@GB: GB cuba2lah join site bloggers tu, just free registration... Lagi pun banyak juga bloggers Msia join that site.
P/s: mana tahu bleh bertemu jodoh dekat sana..hehe

Didzy said...

@LiLing: I second you on that. It's the most fun blogger site compares to other that I also joined.
You too has made really great achievement in a short period of time. ;) Congratulation for sitting on the Best Bloggers in the world 1st page.
Happy blogging to you too, LiLing ;)

Moonomo said...

Glad to see you love the NEW theme as well. It's even better now, navigation becomes so easy and connecting with Bloggers now fun than ever.

It's so nice to see you around, since a long I'm reading your blog. Though, I'm not commenting here on your blog. ;)

noreed said...

oh sy tak tau pun benda ni. thanks for sharing didzy :)

Didzy said...

Ah, that's fine with me but I'm so grateful you enjoy browsing through my blog. Thanks dear! ^^,

Didzy said...

Meh lah join site tu awak..free aje tau. Nanti saya boleh guide through if ada ape2 yg tak faham dekat sana.. :)

Anonymous said...

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