9 Nov 2010

No Boss!

I'm so happy (actually I'm way over too excited) to tell you that I am currently
Joyful, joyful week ahead!

(Will be having a stress-free work environment for a week. So thankful.)


beanizer_05 said...

maybe our bosses were having a date?
i'm boss-free for a week too!!
yay! *jumping*


still not free from stress *pout*

Didzy said...

bean, let's celebrate *jumping & clapping*

at least I'm free from the work stress, phew!!

beanizer_05 said...

should we jump first before clap or clap before jump? which should go first?

btw, that blue heart is..familiar..think iv'e met that somewhere*thinking hard, closing eyes*..yeah i remember! a friend of mine used heart that when she met the man of her..nightmare(?)..hehehe..

Didzy said...

LOL! we can jump while we clap, clap while we jump or we can do both at the same time..haha

haha i knew it! I knew u gonna mention something about the blue heart.

oh..that is totally a nightmare..geez!

beanizer_05 said...

i wonder if you miss that nightmare *giggles* weeeeeeee!!! *clap/jump*

Didzy said...

@Ate Bean :P
Hmph! Not SO gonna miss it, i'd prefer that...that chanting thing..haha...hmm...ok, not that either! more scarier than the nightmare! :O

noreed said...

haip! jgn notty2 ye. boss didzy pesan tolong tgk2 kan didzy..hehehe

Didzy said...

Hahaha...usahlah noreed nak berpihak pada boss sy yg menyampah tu...:P.... I tak noty2 pun, i just play2...hehehe

Jasmine said...

oh ... may be you should start looking for a new boss... I actually really like my boss :P

Didzy said...

Wow..I so envy you..can we swap boss? Please??