10 Nov 2010

VW Beetle Restaurant

Only in Europe.
This is a restaurant and bar that looks like the Volkswagen Beetle located in north of Salzburg, Austria.

Hm, I wonder how the menus going to be like.

(I'm going to open up a mini bar inside my beetle too)


LiLing said...

That is AWESOME! I'd love to dine there. I like beetles so yeah. :D

Didzy said...

Let just hope it's not gonna be an expensive dine..hehe

I can't afford to go to Austria for now, I'll just have to use my beetle to dine in. Heee! ^^

beanizer_05 said...

ahhmmm..hope it won't run when you give me a treat there..

maybe they're serving beetle bugs? no?

Didzy said...

haha..bugs??! Ewww! if that's the case I totally going to call it off dining there.

gadisBunga said...

didzy, jom gi sana!

Didzy said...

boleh..tapi GB kena belanja tau! pakej tiket pergi & pulang gi sana sekali..hehe :P

noreed said...

best nyer kalo dapat mkn kat sini

Didzy said...

mehla gi..tu GB nak lanja kite berdua..yay, yay!

Ryan said...

Crazy Austrians lol, what's on the jukebox the Beatles???

Didzy said...

lol! There's only one way to find that out. Go there :P I'm also thinking the restaurant mascot will be Herbie. Hehehe