9 Nov 2010

Wish me luck!

(I couldn't find a red underwear to wear outside the trouser)


beanizer_05 said...

haha! i can teach you! i am peter pan on daytime and batman at night..

red underwear? you can borrow my diapy..i'll color it red fow you *blink blink*

Didzy said...

hahaha! :P Bean, hell no!
your diapy is filled & stinky!

Hey,If u're peter pan on daytime, and batman at night...what about being a W.K?? hehehe :P

gadisBunga said...

tak gayat ke?????

Didzy said...

Mmg gerenti gayat kalo btl2 ni GB..x berani saya.hehe..

Kita nak blajar terbang dari pohon anak kelapa dlu lah ^^ sure x gayat punya..

beanizer_05 said...

ahmmm..*rolling eyes*

well,well,,i'm someone's official private WK at ALL time *blink blink*

i wonder if that Zee knows what WK is..hehehe

Ati Masrif said...

uhh..gayat bebenor gambor tu..
nak jadi superman ke..hihi

Didzy said...

Yea, u better be! Or...or else! (don't ask me what..coz i haven't figured out yet) hehehe..

Ah....i'm wondering too..hehe

Didzy said...

Tak..bkn nak jd superman...kite nak jd stuntman je...hehe..

Makasih sudi jenguk blog kite Ati... :D

Balqis said...

It'd really be striking and cute in the red underwear! :P

Didzy said...

Hahaha yup! I'll get everybody's attention by wearing the red underwear. Take Superman as example...see, everybody noticed him :p