14 Nov 2010

True or False?

Most people today just can't live without it.

True in my case. My personal best are Googles and YouTube.

(Googles make me a genius...almost!)



Leah said...

Great picture! Kind of sums up most of our society these days... expect that he should have his phone with him somewhere. : )

gadisBunga said...

heheh. me too. gugel makes me look smart and it makes people believe that i am smart too...lalala. :p

Didzy said...

haha..yea a phone is an essential things too!

Didzy said...

Hahaha! Nanti GB pakai spec google juga tau! :P

beanizer_05 said...

My answer is..Tralse!!

I can and can't live without them..
hmmmm..ok..no net, no messing with your blog..and you missing me for sure..so ok, KINDA true..or else i'm gonna lose my WKship..

Didzy said...

@diapyboy bean:
hahaha! so i take it as both..tralse eh? hahaha. me missing u??? i got a feeling it's actually the other way round. :P

Geez bean, I only have 12 days left :O

Michael said...

I think my man is missing his Twitter too. Fun and truthful pic.