16 Nov 2010

This is not a homework

This is a math pop quiz clock I found offered by ThinkGeek from amazon.com

Perhaps a perfect gift for your math teacher?

(I hate math. I hate math. I hate math)


gadisBunga said...

what the $%(*&%#$(&)*)_*^$%@%^*&^(*?


Didzy said...


GB, pinjamkan saya calculator! :P

LiLing said...

Hey it's so cool! If I were a math teacher I'd love to have this in the classroom. Lol!

Didzy said...

You'd love it but the students are not going to be very happy about it. Don't torture them with that evil clock. Haha :P

Simple Sie said...

I hate Math too Didz...But I learned to love it because I have too hahaha...I am a commerce management graduate...no choice hehehe...mwah...SIE

Didzy said...

I don't even want to learn how to love math, hahaha.

Balqis said...

I only know how to add 1+1. The formulae, the equations, the square roots or round roots (cos I don't like maths, I presume there's one like this)...don't give to me. Makes me giddy!

Uhhh...get rid of that clock!

Didzy said...

hahaha! here just take it, it's free!!! :P

Stephaine said...

well I hate everything that have numbers
except the numbers written in my pay check!

Didzy said...

Lol! Yea! I totally agree on that!