19 Nov 2010

Chasing pink

I was on my way home after sending my BFF when I saw a pink Lexus sport car just few meters ahead. It's not everyday you get to see a pink car especially a Lexus here in my country. Then I noticed it was a guy driving it! So I chased him! :)

The image above is the closest I could get because I think he noticed me taking few snaps. In my country, it's quite unacceptable for guys to have or drive super pink cars. There's only two explanation for that:
#1. He's gay.
#2. He's driving his gf/wife's car.

To the guy driving the pink Lexus I saw today:
You're the man! Way to go! Woot woot!


gadisBunga said...

hensem tak? hensem tak?

Didzy said...

hahaha amboi! Kita nampak sekali pandang je GB, siap pakai spec hitam lagi. Alaa, kalau hengsem tapi gay nak watpe? tol tak? :P

gadisBunga said...

itu la rugi kan...buat ape la diorang nak meng gay kan diri...huhuhu

Didzy said...

haha! memiliki citarasa yg lain drp yg lain tu..tp sebetulnya best juga kwn dgn org gay ni. Nantilah saya buat special posting ttg kawan saya tu. hehe

Sparkling Mimi said...

In my country the acceptance for why a man would drive a pink car is the same as in your country...He is either gay or driving his wife's car. And truthfully, I don't know any married man who would drive his wife's car if it were pink. I think he'd rather walk. :) Thanks for sharing this. I love that car!

Didzy said...

hahaha Yea, I think some men would rather walk than to drive a pink car! Such men has some standards to maintain.