30 Sep 2010

Happy Birthday! : Hilarious!

I stumbled upon this clip and think it's a great stuff to share here.

29 Sep 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesday: Chillin'

More good laughs can be found here: Bztoons

27 Sep 2010

Yay!! New seasons of CSI!

I'm glad to know all the American top rated tv series are back. I'm so anxious to catch up with the latest seasons of my favorites series; CSI, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY.

I'm starting with CSI: NY, now in the latest season there's a new replacement to the team.
Hope it will be another great season this time :)

26 Sep 2010

Hot N Cold

Now Sesame Street is getting much more fun!

Eh? :)

25 Sep 2010

23 Sep 2010

Stuck like glue

Besides loving the song, I love the clip too.

Sugarland: Stuck like glue

22 Sep 2010

7 things (you don't know about me)

Ok, now u know...haha.
Thanks to fellow blogger: Van

20 Sep 2010

Start without you

A catcy song from Alexandra Burke. Love the song! :D
But I kinda have little issue with the video, lol!
I'm confused! Is this a song for gymnast? or hmm...nevermind! lol!
Now, who wants to dance with me?

19 Sep 2010

Grown ups

Ah, another recently watched movie for the weekend. Seriously this is one heck of madly hilarious movie that you don't wanna miss!

My ratings: I lol'd with tears watching this movie - 10/10 :D

I'm just a kid

Last Saturday while at work, the 7 years old Ayuni (my friend's daughter) who sees me as her playmate asked me to make her a binocular. As you can see, hmm ok, I suck in measurement too! but I managed to do it :)
and make Ayuni one happy girl/playmate at work with my not so fancy binocular!

18 Sep 2010


Happy good weekend to all!

Choc of the week

"And I drive for two hours,
to bring butter fingers,
I don't mind the distance
this kismet's a dance" :)
(Kismet by Silent Sanctuary)

15 Sep 2010

Not so wordless Wednesday: Sweet sweets

I just noticed the cool side of this KIS Mint candy.
At the back of each pack is written with cute message.
I bet there's like hundred of different messages and here I got few as in the photo.
I think this candy will be perfect for any events (...ok maybe almost every event).
If you can't say the words, just give this candy to the person but you have to make sure you find the right message first. ;)
p/s: I even found one that says "I'm speechless!"

12 Sep 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

A must watch movie for Resident Evil gamers/lovers :)
I'm glad the movie wasn't disappointing, Phew!
Warning: Not suitable for anyone that has heart attack.

My ratings: 10/10 ;)

8 Sep 2010

My Confession

The truth

A blurry person like me
drives some people crazy!

5 Sep 2010


This short cartoon reminds me of Happy Tree Friends.
Happy Sunday everybody!

3 Sep 2010

Streetdance 3D

I was doing movie marathon last night and this is one of the movies that I finally get to watch.
It's alright but I still love Step up movies ;)

My ratings: 8/10