31 Jul 2010

A smile for you

source: sillylaughs, ahajokes
Have a great weekend people! ;)

29 Jul 2010

Meep Meep!

I spend too much time on Youtube watching this classic show and I never get bored of it!

One of the best cartoons of all time :)

Here is the historical moment when Wile E. Coyote finally catch Road Runner.

Aw, he did it finally! *teary eyes*

26 Jul 2010

Diary of a wimpy kid

I enjoyed the movie as much as the books!

24 Jul 2010

Miss you like crazy

Finally I get to watch this movie. I'd say it's a good movie to watch.

But the best part is - Somehow the English subtitles wasn't working but I understood the tagalog (pretty much!)

Hm...I think I need to go finish my tagalog classes. Hope my old teacher won't give up on me this time. Heehe!

Anyway, for this movie:
Ratings: 8/10

Perfect day

...for an ice cream! :)
+ my boss is on leave!
*double yay!*

21 Jul 2010


I'm obviously known as a big spender. Anyway, everyday I spend around $5 - $10 average to buy lunch. Yup, I'm the worst compare to others where their spending is only under $5 on daily basis...

I've broken a record today. I just spent $1.50 for my lunch!

This is a very important event for me!...*Yaay!*

17 Jul 2010

Happy Anniversaries

Today, is my 1st anniversary for my blog :)
Now, it's been a year I made myself as a blogger. I can't thank enough for all my fellow bloggers and readers for their supports. You guys rock and really great! And not forgetting to my bff for putting the thoughts to start my very own blog. Speaking of which, we just had our 12th BFFsary. I also had another anniversary very recently, me and fiance; our 7th anniversary together ;)

15 Jul 2010


I went to a Cat Contest today in town :)
My friend, who is a Vet was one of the judges for the contest.
So it was easier for me to take some up-close shots of the cats...

1st place: A cat named Handsome

2nd place: Brian

The rest of the cats were adorable!
I wasn't sure which came on the 3rd place and so forth!

I was busy taking multiple shots...
Hmmm...940 photos to be exact :)

Today sure is one great photo shooting day for me :)

12 Jul 2010

Meet LUCY!

Here's Lucy the hamster.
She's my new pet given by a colleague of mine.

She's only 1 month old...
The name Lucy was given by my BFF. She said she looked like a lady named Lucy. I never met that Lucy before but that's a sweet name, I like it ;)

Now, I'm absolutely sure she's gonna turn into a big obese hammy soon!

Monday blues...

9 Jul 2010

That hard work...

...*taking a deep breath*
3 months 7 days of painstaking, PMS-ing, acting cranky, raving and ranting, body aching, mentally disturbed, given warns, being chased, pressured and psycho-ed, countless consumption of chocolate bars and junk foods, and some acts of negligent is over!
(This is my cost of designing this book)

I'm glad my designing on this annual report is over and it's great to know the book is out for distribution among the department's staff already. Big thanks and congratulations to the team as we all did great and heard the staff were wowing at it :)
Hmm... the very best of luck for the 2010 annual report team next year. ;)

7 Jul 2010

Enjoying Nude :)

Not this kind...

But this!

The Pepero Nude chocolate sticks.
Yummayyy!!! :D

2 Jul 2010

What??! No games!

This is very sad news for me as a game addict and obviously a chronic downloader. The Reflexive game site has closed down. Apart from other game sites like Bigfishgames and Spintop, Reflexive has always been my favorite...

Now the site is officially closed down, I guess I've to find a place that I can call 'home'. As for now, I'll be back to that classical gaming mode - the Rubik's!

I'm a vewy, vewy, vewy sad Pengwee :(