31 Jul 2010

A smile for you

source: sillylaughs, ahajokes
Have a great weekend people! ;)


beanizer_05 said...


that's why i'm afraid to see you in person..i might chat thru my fingers before saying anything..


have a great weekend didz!
hey have you heard the beta talking??

ching said...

awww. those did make me smile :D


ambiguous_angel said...


Didz-W said...

@Bean: haha, i didn't know that's actually your habit! :p
hmm, which beta? The fish? Hehe...
If u were referring to the other Beta...yes! I'll reply to her later on...

@Chingching: Glad i did! :D thanks! ;)

@Angel: :D...back at ya!

Rml said...

Only you! These are great!

Ans yes, reply to me later on! =)

Didz-W said...

@Robz: Hey, thanks! :D hehe, i hope u never experienced the one in pic #3 there with your students! Haha, that will give u a major headache if they ever done it to u! Miss ya! xoxo!