29 Jul 2010

Meep Meep!

I spend too much time on Youtube watching this classic show and I never get bored of it!

One of the best cartoons of all time :)

Here is the historical moment when Wile E. Coyote finally catch Road Runner.

Aw, he did it finally! *teary eyes*


Rml said...

I LOVE this cartoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didz-W said...

Cool! ;) *High five* Clap!! :D

chingching said...

"okay wise guys, you always wanted me to catch him"------YES! FINALLY.

haven't seen that episode though.
i miss cartoon network. haha


ambiguous_angel said...

Used to watched that too:)
its really fun..

Didz-W said...

@Chingching: Then he's clueless on what to do! :O haha!

@Angel: It sure is a good therapy watching 'em ;)

beanizer_05 said...

Meep Meep!!
weeeeeeeeeeee!! yey!!

i know he'll succeed..yeah he did..

i can run as fast as the road runner too..can you run as fast as coyote pengwee???

Didz-W said...

Bean, lol...no! I cant RUN fast as Wile E. Coyote....but i'm a fast WADDLEr! Haha!