17 Jul 2010

Happy Anniversaries

Today, is my 1st anniversary for my blog :)
Now, it's been a year I made myself as a blogger. I can't thank enough for all my fellow bloggers and readers for their supports. You guys rock and really great! And not forgetting to my bff for putting the thoughts to start my very own blog. Speaking of which, we just had our 12th BFFsary. I also had another anniversary very recently, me and fiance; our 7th anniversary together ;)


ambiguous_angel said...

aw. happy 1 year! im really thankful to the blogger world because i met you here:) you're fab!

and 7 year???that's fantastic! Happy:)

Didz said...

@Angel: Aw, thats very sweet & nice of u, thanks so much! ;) if it wasn't for the blogger, i wouldn't met an angel like u too! Hehe, yup 7 yrs...& i decided to put that to an end soon! (by getting married to him). =D

Rml said...

Hey hon! We're very lucky to have you around! Congrats on all those bdays!!!

Didz said...

@Rob: Hey! thanks! and I'm so very lucky too to have everybody around and that includes u too! ;)

Hayden said...

Happy 1st Anniversary!
You've been going out for 7 yrs!?
Glad to hear that you end up with getting married to him!

Congrats Didz!

Didz said...

@Hayden: Hey, it's nice of u to drop by! Miss ya =D. Yeah, 7 yrs...afterall, 7 is my lucky number! Hehe! Thanks again!