2 Jun 2010

::Break it if you can::

One of my colleagues came up with a curiosity again today. (..and btw, she's not a Geminian.) She was walking around with an egg in her hand and came up to me and the others. She's gonna give a $100 to anyone managed to crush the egg with just one hand. $100?! Seriously?!

Put the egg in your palm and try to squeeze with mighty force. It's impossible. My colleagues were trying their lucks though. :O I didn't participate. I was more interested with the theory as I'm labeled as the Googler at work. Hehee..

Here's the best answer that I found:
Because if you apply equal force to two ends of an egg it wont crack. It is physically impossible.

However...(another extended answer):
It will break when you overload pressure at one side instead of both.

Hmm...I better try my luck and claim that $100. *Hoping the bet is still on* Hehe.

I'm off to practice now.


♪ Tharangni ♪ said...

well... is it a normal everyday egg?

Didz-W said...

Yup, it is that normal chicken eggy. :) Dare to try?

Tryant said...

If u can't break the egg then can u Make a omelet for me and bro!!!

beanizer_05 said...

hmmmm..is it that hard to break an egg??..oh well,,make sure you squeeze the right egg ok?..hehe..
if you crack it..then you can share the $50 w/me or yet donate it to less fortunate peOple like..ME..
we're friends right??? *wide grin*

Tripat "Prerna" said...

ha ha...gud 1


Didz-W said...

Lol! the right egg??!..tsk tsk tsk! I haven't cracked any eggs so far, too busy at work today. hehe. Share? I'll give u that $50 and then u buy me something that cost $50. Ok? :P

beanizer_05 said...

oh...*scratchin head*
well..ok,,hmmm..after a week i'll be havin' u my bday gift then..alright, squeeze the right egg and buy yourself a gift from my share..be sure to label it "from bean"..then close your eyes and surprise yourself..ok??..

*p.s. actually i tried holding an egg when i got home,,but i didn't squeeze it 'coz..no one is willing to pay me a prize :(

ZELMARQ said...

wow, i love eggs....