21 Oct 2010


by: Silent Sanctuary

One of my favorite love songs


beanizer_05 said...

hey!! i just made a butterfinger comment in your wall!!.. i said ill sing this song..
one thing today,..i was listening to this song when i was on my way home..then,,then..my ipod turned off..no battery..haha!..that explains it, i should finish listening here in ur corner instead..guess this day is for that song huh!..

Didzy said...

ooh! really? what a KOINKIDINK!
yea, I guess it's a kismet song day today..yay! now, sing it for me here out loud! That's a request!

beanizer_05 said...

i love that KOINKIDINK one..dn't tell me u got a piglet pet there..

hmmmm..send my ice cyeam..and i'll sing..haha!