29 Oct 2010

Imaginary friend

Do you have imaginary friend(s)?
wikihow.com will show you how! lol! Yes, I'm serious.
Click here! to read.

(Don't have any imaginary friends but I have great imaginations)


beanizer_05 said...

alright i clicked the button..
and realized..i would look more insane if i create an IF (Imaginary Friend)..
besides, i enjoyed talking to myself in the mirror when i have no choice,,the only problem is--that friend in the mirror is so CUTE and ADORABLE..tsk tsk..

Didzy said...

@bean: there goes the words again..*rolling eyes* :P
I bet the one in the mirror says otherwise about yourself :P:P:P

Zezebel said...

Do you have an Imaginary Friend?

Didzy said...

@Zezebel: No, I don't have any imaginary friend but I have lots of imaginary boyfriends..antaranya Anuar Zain..^^ hehee