17 Mar 2011

Blame the hormones!

I am now in my hormonal state and kind of overly grumpy even over small things. So how does one deal with a grumpy pregnant lady?

But I'm thankful I'm not getting to a point of killing somebody yet!


gadisBunga said...

and u still managed to LOL!!!

great! :D

norh said...

apa-apa pun, enjoy the moment k.. :)

beanizer_05 said...

well..how can you be grumpy if you have someone a cute angel *ahem* a.k.a beanie stalking your posts?

AW said...

hello dear;
thanks for joining me in last week. you are mention on my friend finding friday post here
Things I leaned from Growing up.


Didz said...

tu LOL yg ada makna tu GB, an evil lol!

Enjoy nak kill somebody..haha terima kasih atas motivasinya..haha

I didn't know you are a stalker here. Go stalk someone else..:P

Aww...Thanks! :D

Didz said...

Sorry I accidentally pressed delete to your comment and I can't retrieve it back but many thanks for the advice. lol! you really know that huh.:D

Zezebel said...

hehehe...saya belum sampai ke peringkat itu lagi..

Didz said...

I expect soon enough lah belle..hehe

gadisBunga said...

yoohoo..... :D