2 Nov 2011

Lil prince, Lil angel, Lil Didz

*Wide grin* I'm supposed to update this last month somehow my times are fully occupied. Now I'm introducing to the blogsphere my precious baby...Baby Wazif. Times really flies so fast that he's soon to be 1 month old. And myself...still learning how to be a great mommy... ;)

World...meet my angel.

P/s: Already planning to teach him the I.T world.


norh said...

ikut muka siapa ni? :)

Didz said...

Tak sure lagi sebab kekadang muka mcm ayahnye, kekadang tu mcm saye...hihihi ^^

♥Sie♥ said...

weeeeee..so soooooo cute Didi..he is really an angel..I just love looking at his pix..ehe..imagining my future quads hahaha..a kiss from me..you are a great Mom Didi..

Being a Mom is a continued process of learning for me until now with my two kids..sssshhhhh including quiet angel hehehe ;)

Didz said...

Hi dear! Wow...planning to have quads already??!.hai.naku, u sure my baby's playmate can handle quads? lol..
Hoping to be a super mom here :))

beanizer_05 said...

hihihihi..i told you he's gonna be my playmate!..i am generous, i wanna share him my diapy wait..*removing*..here!..oh playmate don't be shy, wear this, this is my lucky charm..

hey didz, can you send him to me here? can i borrow him? c'mon! don't be selfish..hehe..

btw, i'm lil angel too *blink blink*

Didz said...

Tell you what...I'll let u babysit your playmate here ok...and u gotta share some toys now with him...hehehe.. ;)
You can keep your diapers for some quads! :p lol!

gadisBunga said...

Didz!!!!! omg u r a mom now! no wonder why i really wanna fly to brunei when i was in kk last few weeks. miss u so much.

and baby Wazif...welcome sweetie...i can feel that u gonna have your own blog in the next few years. haha!

congratulations didz. i kena cari pasal nak gi brunei nih!

Didz said...

GB!!!! Hehehe glad to hear from u again. Alaa..nape x stop by terus gi brunei...dah dekat pun. Patutle hari tu kite tetibe je teringat kat GB...sesama kita ler merindu ni eh..heheh!
Tak payah nak cari pasal...you're always welcome mai sini tau! One day kalo nak dtg sini roger kita dulu oke ;))

beanizer_05 said...

*peeking* yuhoooo playmate!
guess what!?..i found a girlfriend fow you..hihihi..excited?..oh, don't tell your mommy, i'll set you up for a date..sssshhh! don't tell mommy! pretend you're sleeping now, i'll get back sooner..alright?

Didz said...

Huh! He's not even 1 month old yet you already set him up for a gf. Are you expecting too? Lol!! I bet it's gonna be a baby girl eh.. :p

Dai Ning Li said...

Didzlet is here! Welcome to the lovely world dear! I hope I can carry you and show you around, while your Mom is busy blogging. Hahaha

Didz said...

@Ning Li:
Lol! Thanks..and yea u can look after him while i'm blogging. You'll make a good babysitter, lol! :p

beanizer_05 said...

what? it's just a girl-friend..i'm expecting too, i've been carrying it for 14 months..i still don't know if it's a "she"..i don't even think it's human..haha!

Didz said...

You're carrying a rubik cube baby :p i wonder when is the due...