31 Jan 2011

When in KL : Little India

...and I'm back! I'm back from a short weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
This is my fourth time in KL so this time my hubby and I were concentrating to explore just around the city itself. We were staying around a place called the Little India, which is situated at Masjid India Street (One of the oldest streets in the city).

It was raining when we first arrived in the city and it continued to pour for the next couple of days making it quite difficult for us to walk around and my cameras were soaking wet. Thank god they're still working.

Little India is famous for its colorful textiles, clothing and accessories shopping. You can find most of the materials here to be of the cheapest and price is usually negotiable.

Of course finding textiles of a fine quality and cheap can make one go crazy! I managed to control myself in spending crazily over here.
(Err, I mean compare to my previous experience shopping in Little India.)
I still have plenty of interesting things to share with you when I'm in KL in my upcoming entries.

P.S: I've sore feet due to extreme walking. It surely is not a happy feet.


liling t. said...

Yay! You were in Msia! I know KL's weather has been really crazy for the past few weeks with all the rain, and minor flood at some area. Hope you had a joyful weekend! :D

iantie said...

hey m8! welcome back!!! =D

Didz said...

Hey dear! I'm thankful I wasn't stranded or something. Phew! But I loved the rain in KL, somehow it's romantic. Hehe...

Didz said...

a big HIIII m8!!! IMY so much! :D
Oh, I brought you some things from KL ;)

norh said...

hope u enjoy & had a nice holiday in KL.. :)

Didz said...

I have overdosed enjoyment while in KL! haha thanks :)

iantie said...

haha told u m8, no need to buy anything for me. told you to just njoy urself and make good use of ur honeymoon-ing. khehe

Didz said...

I had plenty of times to kill actually. anyway, can't help but buy...rugi jua if nda di bali..hehe

gadisBunga said...

and u were here without telling me??

~merajuk. takmo nyanyi lagu aizat~

Dai Ning Li said...

So nice you enjoyed you're stay there. It must not be the place, but moreso the romance? ♥

Didz said...

Alamak!! I guess you missed out reading my previous entry regarding my trip to KL...hehe
InsyaAllah I will be going again in June, nanti GB sambut saya dengan karpet merah tau! ^^
Senyum sket, GB ;)

Didz said...

@Ning Li:
We were thinking more of the shopping craze than the romance itself, lol! But shopping together can be romantic too! No? lol!