3 Jan 2011

I'm into Korean :)

I'm kind of addicted watching Korean drama series now. 80% of my family members (and that includes my mom too) are so much into Korean dramas and group bands. I think they're more updated than myself.

Currently I'm watching Personal taste.
Got few more episodes to catch up with!

P/S: I got my eyes on Lee Min Ho!


LiLing said...

Oh NO! Not you too! LOL! Practically all my friends are going ooh-la-la with Korean dramas, kpop etc etc etc. And I'm the lost one. HAHA!

Didzy said...

lol! Need I say more? haha yea, I keep seeing and hearing that Kpop term with all my cousins too! Korean is such addictive!

noreed said...

same lah kita didzy. kalo tgk citer korea, kalo ade hero yg i minat mesti tersengih sorang2 depan tv.mcm angau....kehkehkeh

Didzy said...

haha...selain daripada tersengih mesti emo di tahap gaban jugak kan..hehe

Simple Sie said...

hello Didz Happy New Year :) Almost all woman are into Korean dramas.Honestly I am not into who is the character of the story hehehe...I am into the story itself because I don't know but korean dramas makes all of us giggle watching it!

delightfullness said...

didzy...imma drool too for lee min ho

Didzy said...

Hello dear Sie. haha actually I'm looking at both the characters and the stories but I'd prefer those romantic comedy ones but those too can sometimes make me cry. They are all just so touchy to watch. lol!

Didzy said...

HAHA! Yes, he's just so cute! keep drooling alright...haha

Zezebel said...

tak minat sangat korea...huhu..

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

ive started watching it..and the story is so cute and funny..i like him as well..he's so cute ^^

YAM said...

I am in love with him!totally!

Didzy said...

ala bel, rugilah! hehe

Didzy said...

I finished watching the series yesterday! :D

Didzy said...

you too?! haha!

beanizer_05 said...

No way! I always got my "eeeww" thing when i see Filipinas giggled on those Korean actors.
But you?? ALSO??


he's nothing compared to me! hmp!

p/s: i know you're kinda "busy"..but please..this post is..
ah! nevermind! just make another one! a better one! tsk tsk. *thinking*-"now that she's a wife, she's getting weird, tskktsk..should i still follow this blog?"

gadisBunga said...

the only korean drama i watched and layan was winter sonata and save the last dance.

tak boleh start layan, nanti ketagih. siyes! hihihi~

Didzy said...

that's because you envy them, you're not as cute & adorable like them all :P

haha! u have no choice but to follow the blog anyway - the WK oath!

Didzy said...

haha kita tak sanggup pun tengok winter sonata tu...kalo ikutkan ada juga citer korea ni yg bleh bagi mental tahap gaban kan GB..hehehe

beanizer_05 said...

me not as cute and adorable like them! yeah! 'coz they're not even close to my cuteSTness AND adorableSTness!!!

what WK oath?? *trying to forget*