12 Dec 2011

Fly that plane

I recalled playing with paper boats and planes when I was young. Things changed...thanks to technology playing paper planes are now pretty fun.
Androiders (android device users) can find this free app in the android market. Give it a try, it's addictive!
Happy Monday!


beanizer_05 said...

hehe..hey suggest me some sites i can get few more games..just done playing sushi express, can you download games fow me?? *puppy eyes*

btw, Merry Xmas! did you buy me a gift already??

Didz said...

eh?...i don't know any sites if u want games for android but the android market itself is good enough already. try Piggy Adventure from the android market..i found it weird that piggy game...having a cow, a pig and a chick as bffs..but it's a good puzzle game.