3 Oct 2009

::The eye::

This is preferably funny and weird!
No...it's not that I'm gifted that I have x-ray eyes (I wish!) Hehe...

Today I was filling myself with some more lessons of photography from my pro photographer friend. So we went on and on, blah, blah, blah...then he told me it's better to have my pair of eye opened when I'm about to shoot. I told him I did and was about to show to him again.

So I started with my right eye, had the camera side way, and in every ways...yup I can shoot perfectly with both of the eyes wide open. When it's for my left eye turn...I can't see clearly what I'm about to shoot! I was having that crossed eyes instead. Haha! Weird!

So I can only work my pair of eye wide open if I peep through that small cam window with my right eye and I can't see correctly when I open both eyes if I look through the cam using my left eye! Hehe...

Hmm...seriously I wonder why is that?...Maybe my brain got confused or else...twisted???

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