5 Oct 2009

::I've reached 100th::

Nope! It's not my age!
I've made 100 entries in my blog!

It's nothing big really but I didn't realize I've made this far in blogging. It's a good thing I can track my entries using the blog statistic widget.

Do I have to make speech on this? Hehe...Nah.
But I wanna give credits especially to my BFF who started all the idea of blogging my own blog instead creating for others and to those wonderful viewers and readers of my blog. Thank you soooo much. I won't be crazy blogging if it weren't for your guys! Hehe...


Hayden said...

Congrats on your 100th entry!

My blog is two months older than yours but I made only 69 entries:)

You did a great job!!

My blog: How Far We've Come

Didz-W said...

Hey thanks Hayden! :D but yours is more informative than mine, your blog is one of my favorites! :) And 69 entries with lots of informative posts is really a great job too!

This Makes My Day said...

Hi Didz-W,

Congratulations woth your 100th post, time flies when you having fun posting! Keep up your great work, I enjoy your blog, very entertaining!

Thanks for your nice comment to my blog, I really appreciate it.


Didz-W said...

Thanks This Makes My Day..
You make my day too! :)