21 Oct 2009

::BFF's Birthday::

Today is my BFF birthday!
Blow your candles now there! Hehe.
Should I announce your age here? ;) -- 28!

This special greeting goes to her...
m8, I know you're a mushy type so I won't be too personal to wish you here. :P (whether I'll say in Malay or English, you'll cry anyway! haha!) I'm glad we had the short celebration today during lunch but I promise will make it up to you later end of this month. Sorry I didn't prepare you anything much for your birthday this time (I'm working on it! :P) It's never to late to celebrate, right? After all you got 1 year until your next birthday. I'll try to find some hot guys for the celebration. Haha! Got anyone specific? Hehe.

Wishing you have a lovely birthday today m8, glad to know that we're celebrating it together again along the beautiful 11 years of friendship :) And this is my first time to blog about your birthday! Yay me! Hehe.

Will always love you m8, hugs and kisses! MWAH!

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