12 Oct 2009

::My next destination::

Here I come...! Wohoo!

This year I planned my next vacation to be in Hongkong and China. I'm so looking forward to go! Ah, finally, another stamps for my passport.

It's going to be my first time at both countries. I'm expecting it's gonna be fun and lots of things to see and buy and bargain when I'm there! Hehe. I'll be going in early December, just confirmed with the ticket today but I haven't applied my leave from work yet. (Will do it first thing tomorrow morning!)

Now I'm counting days and yes I should hold my excitement. Don't wanna be too excited before it happens.....But can't help it! Hehe. Any of you out there from Hongkong or China or have been to these countries, do let me know what to and not to expect from there. ;)


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh your vacation sounds so amazing! I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong... and Paris. In fact, I just want to take a holiday outside of North America - and I'm pretty sure my trip to the Caribbean in 2006 doesn't count. :P

Hope you have a blast and love your blog!

Didz-W said...

I Know! I got goosebumps already excited to go! Will keep you posted how was Hongkong after the vacation.;) You've been to the Caribbean?! Wow! So nice! I bet you'll never forget that trip.
Seriously, I wanna go to Disneyland so bad! Haha! So I guess I'll take the Hongkong Disneyland first before I go for the Europe *wink-wink*

Thanks Jennifer! :D

Chubbymommyme said...

You would love Hongkong..i went there and ate everything..i did not even know what i was eating and i ate it..the fried stuff and sauces..hope i did not eat people ha ha..love the way your blog is set up..

Didz said...

Hi chubbymommy :)
Hehe. I'll keep that in mind when I'm in HongKong..Thanks ;)