28 Aug 2009

::Replenishing the hobby::

It's been ages or so that I haven't involved myself on playing games online. Recently it just struck to me that I should start doing it again. My life is getting a bit quiet at the moment, plus that we have plenty of times to kill due to the fasting month and another reason is to de-stress myself from which now safely I can say a sort of busy season at work with lots of drug samples to be analyzed.

Before, I was so addicted in downloading games and stuff but that was so yesterday already. So what else is out there to browse or do with the net besides from checking out and updating blogs (mine, my family, my friends), downloading mp3 songs and torrent files, watching You Tube, googling stuff (I'm a curious wreck), reading news online, checking my mails, chatting on MSN, bla-bla-bla...I can't think of anything else out of this typical me stuff. Playing games online is my life now. Hehe.

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