9 Aug 2009

::Accident prone::

Or was it I'm just way too clumsy?

Ok, here are just some of my "been there, done that" list. well, it's more like "accidentally been there, accidentally done that" list. Let see...Once...

I almost broke my arms. It happened twice in different years!
I almost broke my spine while enjoying roller-blading!
I almost lost my index finger at work while butchering!
I almost burned my other finger when a hot melted glue accidentally dropped onto it!
I almost got myself blind when a sanitizer splashed right into my eyes!

Somehow I managed to survive all that just fine, of course with scars and only god knows what else! I guess I've ''accidentally" added one more accident in my "accidentally been there, accidentally done that" list. This morning I almost lost my tiny finger! I was chopping some potatoes and I almost chopped my tiny finger. The cut was so deep that I was bleeding like hell! It's just about at this hour that it finally stopped bleeding. Phew!!!! So...sh*t happens or I'm just clumsy - I let you decide.

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