23 Aug 2009


Obviously it was just 2 days of fasting and already I heard some badil popped out outside around my area. Seriously? Semangat looking forward to hari raya I think otherwise simply the pop sounds mean they are celebrating their successful puasa today. Hehe. Honestly, I'm not into it. I mean I never liked the idea of this badil thing, it's different thing with a real firework. I can get along watching fireworks and stuff like that but never liked the sound of badil popping out. It's just way too annoying and somehow it just can mean to distract the peaceful neighborhood. Well, that's how I feel - disturbing! Plus membari terkajut saja.

I know this kinda thing will continue for the next 5 weeks or so, believe me. It's always been like this afterall this year. I know people out there some are excited to looking forward for the raya, especially children and I wouldn't kill the fun that they are currently having but I just hope their parents reminded them just for the peace of the neighborhood especially playing late night. I remember last year, time sahur pun kedangaran org bemain badil. WTF??? Buleh??? Hmm, maybe I should post this in brudirect instead. Hehe!

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