24 Aug 2009

::Fasting at work::

Day 1:
Today we started working back after the nice 3 days holiday in honoring the fasting month this year. So it's Monday today, and by this hour - 9 am, it is...

But I can see my senior colleague is already assigned with a new tender drug to be analyzed. Ayayai!!!....this I think will be a disease. It will continue to spread from one colleague to another. Hmm, will update this later.

already... While not having much to go on with my microbiology progress so I was just surfing some recipes that I can plan to prepare for Sungkai later on. I found one good site and maybe it's not such a good idea to browse through it at this hour. Click here to go to the recipe site. You'll end up hungry just like me. Hehe.


I Still cannot decide for sungkai later. I found another good site. I will put it to a test around this week. It's actually a recipe for a buttermilk prawn/chicken. I love buttermilk prawn! I'm missing the buttermilk prawn at Bob's kitchen di Bandar, and the Nyonya Restaurant. Hehe. I've been longing to find out what was missing in my buttermilk sauce afterall this time. I have a perfect ingredient already with me all along, so I figured I was just mixing stuff in the wrong way, patutlah rasanya mcm terbalik jua, haha. I thank to this blog dapur-siti for the nice simple recipe. Indaku sabar kan mencuba ni. Harrharrharr!!!

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