11 Aug 2009

::Rough week::

Phew! Although it's a good thing for me but honestly it's really a rough week for me at work. With lots and lots of tender drug samples to be analyzed, well all those long procedures and preparation with limited time to do it just made it so stressful.

Need I say more?

Better not.


iantie said...

u know what u need? NO! bukan retail therapy! hehe...better time management la....kweng kweng kweng hahaha

ilikeseven said...

well i tried to! But imagine all the QCians are in the lab using the same space and glassware, di ujung pisuk ganya ku membuat. hehe

iantie said...

ujung pisuk?? with ur size, mcmana buleh kau plng yg d ujung pisuk??? hmmm...nda gentlemen bnr durg the guys atu eh...hehehe

ilikeseven said...

haha! durg gentlemen thru other things saja m8, not only my size, their size matters too! except datin linda laa, ia sanang dikit to squeeze anywhere. hehe