25 Aug 2009

::Muffin for muffineers::

Ok, this shouldn't be right. I mean I shouldn't have posted this very early in the morning but it's for the sake of muffineers like myself and my bff. Hehe. I know her mom make the best muffins, yep I love it too. That's what I told her before, I should hang out more with your mom. Hehe. Anyways, I found this nice muffin when I was browsing through yesterday and somehow from this got the idea for my bff and her mom to try it out and as for meself try to improvise it.

On the left is the Nutella Banana Muffins. I've taken this pic out of its site here. Well looks easy right? All you need is the muffin, nutella and walnut - Make and bake the muffins, spread the nutella on top, place the walnut on top after u baked them and then Tadaaa!! There you have it! Hehe.

So m8, what say you?


iantie said...

hey m8! balik2 dah i want to post comment bt this but nda mau2, bru tonyte mau. My mum sed that she will try to bake and try it f she's not busy but she asked ME to do it instead!!! haha! sejak bila tah I bake sumthing that edible?? haha!

ilikeseven said...

haha! pdntah rah LTFku liat mcm ada bg comment tp nda jua ada. panya. haha. ok jua tu m8 u buat, juz dont forget to ask this FTO to taste aaa!! seriously! I give u semangat, u can do it! c'mon laa, once in a while. Do I have to beg u? -- ok, Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! (hehe is that good enough m8?)