20 Aug 2009


DQCS: Tahlil and Cleaning Campaign Day

Today was kinda the last day that we kinda eat or feast at work before the fasting month, which the moon sighting is today and to be announced later.
So my section was having a little tahlil or a blessing recital this morning. I wasn't around that morning with couple of officers because I was attending a meeting regarding our pharmaceutical microbiology lab at the State lab in RIPASH.

To cut the story short, the menu was steam boat, packed with sea foods and stuff and little bit of broccoli and cauliflower. We invited other sections too for the occasion. Earlier that morning, before I went for the meeting, me and my senior colleague was busy in the kitchen chopping this and that, as ordered by our section chief cook mamamanie. Hehe. It was fun, like always a great team work that we managed to prepare everything for the cook to start cooking all.

It was pretty busy day again today, that in the afternoon we started our cleaning campaign especially on the lab side. Man! It was so tiring! We took an afternoon break a little late than our usual time. It was more like having a 2nd or 3rd go for the seafood feasting because we still have plenty of leftovers from that morning. So not to be surprised I'm still full at the moment. Hehe.
This year will be my 2nd year fasting and later after a month, celebrating the raya with the QCians. My 1st year last year was not that bad. Hehe.

Oh by the way, the logo up there, well that's the logo of our section's unofficial polo shirt. Everybody for the first time was wearing it today. Kinda cool, looked so nice and smart also glad that I was having part to design it and made it happen for the QCians. :) thehehe...I know it looks simple with just the wordings but somehow it's just cool that the QCians have something to remember or whatever eventually. Hehe.

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