7 Aug 2009

::Thank god it's friday!::

Alhamdulillah Friday comes again! After a rough day at work yesterday I decided to make my Friday worthy with less chores and more relaxation. I woke up at 7 this morning, had a brief breakfast, did my laundry and finished doing it around 8 something. I tried to go back to bed but am just not sleepy anymore. So currently I'm just doing movie marathon watching movies that I've downloaded last week while still leeching 2 seasons of a tv series for my BFF. I don't feel like going out today, besides it looks like it's gonna rain outside (hopefully) and I just wanna stay in bed and force myself to take a nap regardless if it rains or not. I just want to be lazy today, well trying. Let see if I can make it throughout the day. Hehe.

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