2 Sep 2009

::Lovely day::

Rainy Wednesday

Since morning til now, it's raining outside. Yay! Love the rain and the view outside is just so nice to ponder. Wish it is like this everyday... Ok, on second thought no I don't. I would like to see the sunshine some times. Hehe.

I wanna play in the rain later after work. I'll drag and force my 9 cats to fool around in the rain with me! Hehe.


ambiguous_angel said...

ow.thats something i hate.
Yeah, i kn0w its wierd, i just have certain reason.
Anyway, have a nice week!

Didz said...

Rains must reminded you of something awful. You too have a nice weekend. Thanks for dropping in!

ambiguous_angel said...

yeah.it reminds me of someone. And i dont really like remembering him.
Thanks anyway for the nice thing you say..
I really appreciated it.