13 Sep 2009

::Fighting Fish::

Do fighting fish sleep? Is this a silly question?

This is my not-so-hyper fighting fish. Well it looks like its dead! Haha! This is the only pet/animal that is being kept inside the house. I encountered some geckos or lizards roaming around too. I would have called it as pets too if I take care of it, would I? Eww! Have no idea how to get rid of them period.

First of all - the name! Call me weird and I don't know I guess I'm just so "gadgetic" (Is there such word? Hehe) and hi-tech type, I named him after the processor - Core 2 Quad. Hehe. He's my second fighting fish. My first one (Sony Vaio - it was so colorful just like the Sony Vaio lappy) hehe died earlier this year and it was my bad I accidentally added too much chlorine into his tank!

Now I got Core 2 Quad with me, I don't know but there IS something about this fish, unlike the previous one. Most of the times, I'll see him just laying on the bottom without moving. It stays like that for about 5 minutes and even longer, which always make me think he's dead! When I'm typing this up now, yup I can see he's still laying down! Haha! Weird!

So I'm just curious - In case of my Core 2 Quad, yes, I think he does sleep! But of course fish doesn't have eyelids so they can't close their eyes to tell that they're asleep. I think its that particular behavior best tells that they're in the resting state of sleeping. But it sure does give this one confused human wondering if it's dead or sleeping. Haha!

I'm not really a fish enthusiast and don't have many experiences in petting one but I like to have fighting fish around as it is easy to manage and I don't need to put some oxygen pumps or whatever filters for it plus it makes my room complete! Hehe. If anyone out there is a fish enthusiast or fish lover, do pour me in with the details. I'm just way too overloaded with so many infos that I'm not sure which is the correct one. Help me out here!


Hi I'm Steve said...

Hahahaha....a golden fish wanna know about a fighter fish...lol..
the fighter fish is feelin lonely @ the top...jus like we humans miss each other it xpresses its lonliness by sinking 2 da bottom...hehehe..lol...show some
luv "don eat sushi"

Didz said...

Hmm... i don't know if there is such thing as fighting fish sushi...only salmon though.hehe but that's a good individual theory of the fighting fish. thanks for dropping in Steve :)