29 Sep 2009

::Mouse please!::

I've lost count how many mouse I've had over the years!
Not the real mouse, sure they can be cute and darling as Ratatouille but Eww...! Hehe. (I can accept hamsters though!) ;)
I'm talking about the gadget - the PC mouse...

Couple of days ago I found my mouse wasn't working. Sigh! Am I jinxed with mouse or maybe am I just an aggressive user? Haha!
That was the 8th mouse I accidentally ruined this year! The 8th one was a gift from my BFF. So I can't fixed it so am just gonna keep it back in its box and officially make that as one of my sentimental values stuff.

I'm with my lappy everyday to do stuff with and seriously I'm not good using the Touchpad. My finger always slipped! Haha! I'm more comfortable using the mouse especially when I do some editings and extreme browsing! Hehe. Ok, don't ask me what does that mean. Maybe this time, I need to buy 2 mouse for a back up. I still have those damaged mouse in my drawer...and have no idea what to do with them. I don't want to throw it away, I'll make something else out of it...I know I can but can't figure out now. I'll have to stare at it and work my mind what to create. Stare til it burns! Hehe!

This is the Swarovski Crystal PC Optical Mouse. Pretty cool huh?


beanizer_05 said...

hey! didn't i tel u i got a hamster pet b4??..he's ol wyt, fat, no tail (of cors), wd big balls,hehehhe..
it ws a gift 2 my sis frm her frend, and i took care of him..'til 1 tym my sis brought him n der ofis, and 4got 2 bring him home..and :(, he's gone..he got his lil cage open..i cnt 4giv my sis dt tym..hehehe
he is noyni..wala lng..juz sharing..

Didz said...

sorry to hear that..hehe but do u need another hamster? haha! i also got hamsterS before, will story u abt it next tym k..mine was like a tragic tragedy..hehehe

beanizer_05 said...

hahhah..i do xpect that..havin those CARING HANDS like urs, every living creature is blessed! heheheh..even on d non-living things u stl apply ur talent..heheheh..
juz kiddin' but TRUe!?
ok..tel me bwt it..i hav my box of tissue now..go on :)

watery_sun said...


btw this is mulispeaks im a bad computerer